Monday, March 13, 2006

My Profile

I am a self motivated, hard worker, and bilingual gentleman from the DR Congo. I am passionate of taking up challenges in my life as well as being group motivator or team leader.

I am interested in working in multicultural environments where I can meet and interact with multiskilled people, learn from them and contribute to a better performance of an organization.

My field of interest are: policy analysis, poverty alleviation, global issues, state-society relations, field research, and proposal writing.

I have lastly completed a Masters of Arts degree in Development Studies at Wits. My strongest side as student has been a sense of deep critical analyses, thus, I expect two things from guest lecturers at the world of work training: firstly to prepare me for a smooth entry in the workplace, and secondly to inspire me with some practical tools that can help me translate my knowledge into effective delivery of work.

Cyrille Mutombo


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