Sunday, March 19, 2006

I met green, orange, brown, red, white and blue people!

Africa faces so many issues to day: HIV-Aids, war, poor governance, etc. Despite that, I strongly believe that one day Africa will efficiently compete with giants and the world will talk of the ‘African miracle’.

Key to such attainment is the understanding of sustainability and corporate citizenship, thank you Paul Kapelus.

When is that day? I think it’s today, and now. Africa needs its sons and daughters to believe in its renaissance. Do you believe in such a think? I do. Let’s unite our ‘heads, hearts, and hands’ (thank you Brad Arden for the triple H) for sure that is going to create a synergy.

The African miracle is around the corner, because I met the six races composing Africa and I want you to meet them as well. I am proud that I am from central Africa, the ‘red’ zone. The bloodshed made me decide to come to the rainbow nation, where I met ‘blue’ people like South Africans, leading example of economic growth in Africa. One of them is Roy, blue skies.

Moi (I) belong to Africa because since I came to the rainbow nation I met ‘white’ people like some west Africans, always challenging me and asking why will it work Cyrille?.

Yes, I belong to Africa, reason why I plan to travel to Egypt and meet some ‘green’ people and get inspired from pyramids that teach change and expansion. Yebo, I belong to Africa, reason why I will be traveling to Mauritius after Egypt and meet some ‘orange’ people, ready to encourage me to always move forward and be positive. In fact before going to Egypt, I met one around, Peter Metcalfe.

Sim (yes), I belong to Africa, reason why I have to meet some ‘brwon’ guys from Djibouti so that they help me gather everything I learnt so far from these six races. I think, I also met some brown people like Tina Thomson and Shameen Naidu in the WOW (World Of Work) training.

Oui (yes), I belong to Africa reason why I live in the rainbow nation where I am likely to meet Egyptians and Mauritian before traveling to their land.

My encounter with these six races make me feel like I am ‘brown’, clustering information about the WOW , tomorrow I will turn to my preferred color, ‘blue’ after I will meet Nigerians as they always urge me to implement what I learn.

Gracias, merci beaucoup, thank you to the speakers at the World of Work training.


Blogger Lesley Emanuel said...

wow, Cyrille, what a great blog post!

Thanks. I'm inspired by the energy in the links you are creating. I wish you would take actual paints and create this map of coloured people. It would be an amazing mindmap.


Tuesday, 21 March, 2006  
Blogger Cyrille Mutombo said...

Thank you Lesley,
What an amazing idea to bring in the WOW this blog thing. It's getting more and more interesting.
Thank you for the mapping suggestion, I will work on it and get some inspiration from you.

Wednesday, 22 March, 2006  

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