Monday, March 20, 2006

South African politicians also do blog

Last week I was searching on the internet about blogging and I found a blog on last South African local elections I learnt something from it. It is not only about politics but also the power this blogging technology has to spread information, news, and mostly emotions.

In fact, politicians who blogged as responding to a Mail &Guardian initiative, did not only blog for electoral campaign, but it was time for some to share how they experienced their days and share some of their feelings.

I have also decided to blog not only for marketing purposes but especially for the openness that it allows, for the interactions that come with feedbacks and comments by people visiting my blog.

Indeed, during one of our internship sessions, I personally complained about the practical time I would have for blogging since my favourite activities on internet were emails and internet search. I have to reconsider this. My tour at showed me how busy politicians managed to blog about their views and plans and that created room for debate. As a result I made my mind and have decided to devote at least 45 minutes to blog whenever I am online.


Blogger Roy Blumenthal said...

Excellent, Cyrille!

Very impressive. Good work on this post.

Now, some things that can improve:

1. Break your text into small paragraphs that are easy to read. Whenever you change ideas, make a new paragraph.

2. Link to the blog that you mentioned, the one on the SA elections.

3. Change your comments setting to allow anonymous comments. Speak to Celeste to get the details.

Otherwise, it's excellent work you're doing!

Keep it up!!!

Blue skies

Monday, 20 March, 2006  

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